Customized plans

Our patients learn to perform specific stretches and exercises to improve their overall fitness and health. Condition specific exercises and stretches are customized to each patient’s physical needs. Descriptive handouts are provided to facilitate ease of implementation. This is an essential component to helping patients succeed in their overall wellness plan.

Stabilizing muscles are key

A series of exercises and stretches can be used to improve involuntary control of the muscles that provide stability to the spine. Unlike general exercise programs which focus on growing muscle tone and strength, spinal stabilization exercises are tailored to a specific patient’s needs and train the small, fine controlling muscles of the spine. Rehabilitating these muscles can restore optimal spinal function and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Exercise for life

Integrating specific stretches and exercises along with your chiropractic treatment plan, will help to relieve tension in your muscles and joints.

In addition to specialized stretching and exercise plans, we offer small group classes for our patients on how to use their foam roll to perform self-myofascial release.

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