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I started bringing my daughter at 7 months old.

I did not know at first that the back has a lot to do with other issues such as digestion. I found this out by talk to the receptionist during my appointment . My daughter at the time was very gassy and would wake up at night crying, then would release gas and fall back to sleep. I started to bring her in with me once a week and right away I noticed change. My daughter is now 9 months and does not wake up int he middle of the night crying anymore.

Amaiyah L

I only wish I reached out sooner.

For nearly two years, I have experienced pain in my neck which slowly started to spread down my shoulder and through my arm. At first it was relatively manageable as I thought it was merely a knot in my muscles. However, over time, the pain grew and the intensity increased to the point and verge of tears. It was then, despite my stubbornness, that I felt I should reach out and solve the issue. From day one, Dr. Marquez was focused on the wellness of my body as a whole in order to identify the root cause, instead of simply the isolated pain at hand. I began my treatment and felt immediate results. Like most people, I was fairly skeptical as to whether the treatment would work; but I can honestly say how amazing it feels to be pain free and able to live without that burden. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend taking that step in your life if you are experiencing any pain and reach out for help. You won’t be disappointed!  Thank you Dr. Marquez for all your continued support and devotion.


I had my worst bout of Bells Palsy.

When I made my 1st appointment with Dr. Marquez, I was just starting my 6th round of Bells Palsy in as many years, and this was my worst bout by far. After assessing my situation and taking x-rays, Dr. Marquez was able to create a treatment that she was sure would help prevent further degeneration and bouts with Bells Palsy. I am thrilled to say that I have passed the one year mark without another round of Bells Palsy. In addition, my adjustments have added quality and comfort to my life I don’t think would have been possible otherwise.

Dr. Marquez and Chrissy have become friends to me, and I know they genuinely care about my well-being. I would recommend them to anyone!

Deborah B.

Intense neck pain first brought me in to see Dr. Marquez.

I hadn’t slept in about 3 days and was extremely uncomfortable all day. I saw improvement immediately! And after a year as a patient, I have seen my posture improve, almost no headaches and much less pain. Dr. Marquez and her staff are professional and incredibly friendly. The office feels like you’re with family and friends.

Nelson N.

I would not go anywhere else.

Dr. Marquez has helped me manage my back and neck pain through her gentle treatment and extensive knowledge. Her office staff are wonderful and always find a way to help.

Bethany R.

I have struggled with headaches all my life.

Chiropractic has been the only way I have found relief. Dr. Marquez has worked with me and I have made amazing progress. Many thanks to her and all her staff!

Lori S.

Dr. Marquez is the best chiropractor.

She takes time to understand each patients need and helps them live pain free.

Tracy D.

I highly recommend her!

Dr. Marquez has been treating me for over a year and has not only helped me with my structural issues but also with my nutrition. I really appreciate having her as my chiropractor, it has been a great experience.

Lori Spaulding

Dr. Marquez didn’t focus on my chief complaint, she treated my body as a whole.

When I went to see Dr. Marquez, I was looking to help strengthen my lower back so I woulnd’t have anymore slipped disks. I never realized how an alignment can effect so many aspects of your body. The debilitating headaches that I have had, mostly on a daily basis, are gone. My continuous sinus infections are gone. Overall, my health has improved greatly. Most importantly, I have a quality of life I haven’t seen in over a decade.


I feel a lot better.

I have been going to Dr. Marquez for over two years now due to my neck and back problems. Before getting treatment, I suffered from headaches and very painful neck and back problems that prevented me from having a good night sleep. Since coming to Align Chiropractic and Wellness, I can actually get a good night sleep and now have very little neck pain. The staff at Align Chiropractic and Wellness are wonderful and I couldn’t ask for better treatment than what is already provided.

Laura R.

I have lost weight and feel terrific.

I was having some serious lower back pain when Align Chiropractic came into my life. So I thought it was perfect timing and set up an appointment. I also was having serious insomnia problems, but didn’t think that could be helped with a chiropractor. Boy, was I wrong. Not only did Dr. Marquez help me with the lower back issue, but she also offered a 21-day purification program that is remarkable.  I’m sleeping much better as well. The office environment is casual and friendly and Dr. Marquez spends as much time as you need going over all your alternatives. I would highly recommend Align Chiropractic and Wellness to everyone!

Renee T.

I started seeing Dr. Marquez for severe knee pain.

I was unable to function in daily life because my knee would ‘go out’ and throw me to the ground. After my consultation with Dr. Marquez and going through my health history, I realized that I was just dealing with problems that come to find out, I didn’t have to be. I was not sleeping very well at night, and I was having asthma attacks 4 times a week, that once in a while were so bad I would pass out, even when I was using an inhaler, which my medical doctor just keep telling me to take my inhaler more and I could go on steroids. Those were my options. I had no idea chiropractic could help my situation until Dr. Marquez showed me my x-rays and explained to me why I was having these problems. I haven’t had a asthma attack in almost a year and have thrown out my inhalers because they have expired and am now sleeping all night. My knees have improved to the point of I don’t even think about them anymore. I no longer have to take Advil or Tylenol to function during the day. It is truly amazing. You usually go to a chiropractor for back/neck pain or headaches. But to learn that adjustments can help other conditions, like asthma was amazing to me. If you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor, give Dr. Marquez a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Christina M.

My back and shoulder pain has dropped!

Have been seeing Dr. Marquez for several years and she has really helped me and I learned about how bone structure and how it & muscles need to all work together. Dr. Marquez is a great lady! Always so pleasant, and makes visits a lot easier. Chrissy is also great! She puts up a lot with me. My pain level has dropped from almost constant to infrequently and from a 10 to a 2 or 3! Will have have recommended this office to others!

Sylvia S.

Without it, I know I would be in a wheel chair.

I am almost 81 years of age, I have been I numerous car accidents with injuries to my back and neck. As the years have passed, my pain level has increased. Fortunately, I have been blessed with chiropractic care. Thanks to this care – now administered by Dr. Marquez, I am still able to move around and be active.  Thanks Doc!

Patricia B.

Love this place!

I began coming to Align Chiropractic for neck and back pain. I immediately felt so welcomed by the staff. It did not take long to notice any pain I had in the beginning to go away

I always enjoy coming in for an adjustment, not just for the pain relief but also to see the staff!


Great staff, great service.

Dr. Marquez was able to help me with my chronic migraines. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor

Mark S.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I came to Dr. Marquez a couple months ago, being of course, very skeptical of chiropractic work. All my life I have had pain. If it wasn’t in my lower back, it was a headache. I would take 4 Ibuprofen in the morning when I got to work and another 4 before I left. This was something I have been doing religiously for the past 7 or 8 years. One morning, I woke up with severe pain in my right arm, something that I was dealing with already for over a month, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided after doing research and the stories I read online about the same problem I was having and found out that going to the chiropractor might just fix the problem

So after going to Dr. Marquez, I found out that I had a lot more wrong with my body than I thought. I started my treatment immediately after my diagnoses. So far, I can honestly say I feel great!!!  I stopped taking the meds after only 2 visits. I haven’t had a headache nor does my body hurt anymore. The pain I was having in my arm is very light, so I know it is working. It is really amazing the way your body feels when things are all aligned. Now, all I do is tell my co-workers about how great she and her staff are

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t even think twice. This time, I wouldn’t wait so long.

Vanessa A.

What a great atmosphere!

Dr. Marquez has really helped me with back and neck issues that I had for a while. Now, it is so much better. She, along with her staff and practice are very professional.

Jen B.

She is warm, welcoming and helpful.

Dr. Marquez worked out muscle tension in my shoulders that had been there for YEARS! It has not come back.
Chronic hip pain has also been corrected. It was only when it stopped hurting did I realize how long it had been a problem.
My overall health has absolutely improved with Dr. Marquez’s excellent care.
Chrissy has been wonderful helping with the logistics of scheduling, paying and all the necessary details.

Bethany R.

She relieved my pain during pregnancy.

I started visiting the office during my third trimester of my first pregnancy due to pain and have loved my experience here. My lower back was so bad that I lost sleep due to the pain. Since my visit I have been getting more sound sleep and relief of pain. My shoulders are not as tense and do not crack every time I move my arms anymore. I can also now touch my toes! The care is really helping me reach my health goals to being in peek conditions for my daughter who is now 4 months old.

Kristen F.

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